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9Apps is a free mobile app that helps users to download different apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc from the inside of this app. This app was launched in the year 2013, December. This app was launched by Alibaba mobile company ,the idea was to provide the users a new platform rather than the traditional app stores to download and install the apps and enjoy them at great speed. This is available for only android mobile or device users. Many countries around the globe can access this amazing app including India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil etc.

It is not mandatory for the users to even log in this app or make a i.d in this app to download the apps they can download the apps and games of their choice without even logging in this app which is a really great achievement because in others the user has to firstly make their unique i.d to get the games or apps installed or download in their device, so this app gives a relief to all those lazy heads who don’t want to do so and just download this app and then download other apps or games of their choice into their device directly. Users were really happy and satisfied with a app like this because it came as a next revolution in the world of apps and therefore sooner it became the most popular third party android application shop for many countries including India and Indonesia.

The app had around 250 million monthly active users in the month of April in 2016 and approximately 10 million active users per day ,which is a really big number as no other app rather than this ever reached to a number of active users rather than this app. To increase the number or users and also to create a new identity this app also changed its logo in the month of February,2016 with a new logo that indicated youth and fast service,the logo was redefined as 9 in a graphic core and a eagle image that showed its core reasons like fast services and the young who use it. Many versions of this app is being launched since 2012 ,every year a new upgraded version is being offered to the users to create the new users and to satisfy the existing ones.

9apps  is currently in its maturity stage if studied through consumer behaviour ,even if we think about its growing stage it has gained a lot of popularity since then. Downloading app and games was never so easy before this app came into existence but after 5years that it was launched today things have become more easy .

This app has a lot many features rather than this to offer to its users which increase the demand and satisfaction of this app among the users, among all those many feature it offers some are being stated as follows-


Trends- this feature lets the users to release the data analysis upon many things like new trends in the market, new apps etc upon which the traders, professionals and developers can extent their response upon. These specialists can also provide their query tools, multi dimensional rankings , periodical industry reports etc with the help of this app. This is a trend setter of the other apps.
Uber rides- this app tied up with uber cab services which enables the app users to enjoy many free uber rides around the country in around more than 10 cities, it was a kind of marketing program that also led couples to take free ride to celebrate Valentine’s Day in February,2016. Which led to the increase of users as many people got aware of this app.
Wonder shake- this feature was launched at the time of ICC cricket world championship that was around March,2016 where people could also enjoy free tickets of this tournament. The users could also play a cartoonish game of the same with the help of this app which was very entertaining for the users.

InDev program- this program was launched by this app in the month of May,2016 that supported the small and medium developers of the apps and games to develop and launch their creation on this app and this app could help them by promoting the app or game created by them. This also helped users to know more about the different trends in the market.

Third platform- this a third party content and has nothing to do with the traditional play stores which also helped the users who were suffering due to the various and frequent hang or low speed of there app stores due to which they could not instantly download their desired app or games, with the help of this app this problem of the users was being solved to a lot many extent.
Facebook fans- this is also a feature of this app that lets the users to use their Facebook profile directly from the app, the number of Facebook users are known as Facebook fans in this app with a number of 1 million active users on a monthly basis. This is a alternative to Facebook app also.
9apps is very useful for all type of users and is very much user friendly so you should not waste time in thinking and download it now APK..