9apps features and advantages


Best Features and Advantages of 9apps

9apps Introduction –

It is a very versatile single icon app which can be downloaded in any mobile having android software. It is basically a powerful tool to have access to different application by single click  operation . each day one can download many apps with very nominal fees for downloading that particular App namely Anti  virus , Amazon App, YouTube downloader and many more .Along with Apps there is facility to download different games , sports , songs ,movies and many more app can be downloaded by a single click. Basically it is all in one App. Time and money consumption is very less . All Apps under one App is  Apps.

– It is like a search engine in which one can search different Apps.

–  All Apps can be downloaded after searching by single click .

– Any searched App can be downloaded by single click .

– All Apps are displayed on screen , only thing required is to scroll the button in different directions to search the App or see different Apps available.

– All Apps are available in 9 App as All in one App Store.

– 9App can be downloaded in any desktop or android mobile/ tablets.

– After downloading it appears as an icon on the screen.

– In 9Apps all Apps present are displayed in icon forms with the capacity they need in mobile or desktop to be downloaded.

– One can download any number of Apps but daily 3 Apps will displayed in each category.

– New 3 Apps will be under each category and old will not be displayed.

– So each day one can see new Apps and can download ,to get them permanently in the mobile or desktop.

– New Apps will be available to all subcategories also such as Games , Sports , Movies and many more to list with .

Advantages :

  • Searching the required App or seeing different Apps available is very easy by scrolling .
  • All Apps under 9App is available when net connection is given.
  • It takes simple click operation to download selected App .
  • Another advantage of 9Apps is the total capacity of the apps to be downloaded will be displayed with App .
  • So the App to be downloaded from 9Apps can be known well in advance and that much space can be freed to download the selected App.
  • It’s a new generation App applicable to be downloaded in all desk tops or modern mobile with android software.
  • When Net is present / On in mobile or desktop then only it works .So it doesn’t consume any charges in offline.
  • All Apps under one App that is 9App is a powerful tool to download any App displayed by clicking at the icon needed.