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9Apps: A new partner for your Android Smartphone

Android 7 Nougat is the latest version which has been released globally and will be available to download on different devices. Google play store and many Popular Android Apps have started to optimize with the compatibility of the latest version. When compared to iOS devices, Android users have options to even download another app store which is authenticated by Google. 9Apps Android app is another Play store which has a collection of different applications in all categories. Best Apps for Android Mobile which are available for free download. Officially launched in 2013, 9 Apps has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is because the work was done by the developers to maintain the standards. The interface of the application makes it must have application in all Android devices. The server provides a backup which makes the best use of the internet and any application can be downloaded in no-time.

Browsing on Google Play store consumes time and confuses the users with the recommendations. 9 Apps has a recommendation list which gets updated as soon as you log in. It is loaded with millions of applications related to games, music, videos, music, Education and for all age users. Most of the Android Mobile Apps are free to download but Google Play Store has a collection of paid applications. Most of these applications are generally the best applications in Play Sore but with 9 Apps they all come for free.

Every single application which is listed in 9 Apps is free to download. Android users can download best Android Apps for free and will get the latest update. Lt also provides apps which can be downloaded in APK format. APK format Application is compatible with almost all operating systems and can be used in different devices. The size of the application is 2.5 MB which was last updated on January 01, 2017. The size of the application makes hassle free download and works with 2.3 Android Version or higher. All the applications provide the best design to increase the utility and categorization has simplified the experience. Some applications are sub-categorized, as games are divided into Arcade, Action, Multiplayer, Brain games etc.

How to Download 9Apps

  • Click on the www.9appsdownload.org in your Android smartphone.
  • In the search tab, search for 9Apps.
  • There will be the list of search items with the application and all the related searches.
  • To download, click on the icon of 9 Apps which will redirect the page to the homepage of the application.
  • On the homepage, there will be the description about the application with the reviews and comments by the users across the globe.
  • Click on the Install button. Once you will click on the Install button the application will be downloaded to your smartphone depending on the speed of the network.
  • To run the application, click on the 9 Apps Icon.

To download any application from Google play store, the user needs to create an account with a legit email address. Email address is a must, as there will be regular updates which will be delivered by Play Store and needs to be authenticated. 9 Apps simplifies the download of applications without even creating an account. It depends on the user whether they want to link any email with the application or not.

How to download any application from 9 Apps

  • Once the 9 App will be downloaded to your smartphone, you need to click the App icon to open it.
  • The homepage will have different applications with best Android Apps, which are most downloaded on App store.
  • It will have a search tab, in which you can search for any application of your choice.
  • The list of search will have a number of applications with the one you have searched for and the applications which are related to it.
  • You can choose any of the application and it will redirect to the home of that application.
  • The home page will have the description of the application with the views by users and an install option to download.
  • Click on Install button and the application will start downloading on your smartphone.

There is a huge boost when it comes to the downloading of any application in 9 Apps store. They have optimized the speed and even heavy applications can be downloaded in no time.

Advantages of 9 Apps

  • Download Speed Boosters. Compared to Google Play store, 9Apps interface works much faster and is more reliable.
  • The bandwidth used for downloading is high in comparison to Play store.
  • It is a single platform which comes with free Android Apps download.
  • Design and stability have increased the trust and also delivers the everlasting experience.
  • Storage utilization. With 9 Apps, the application can be downloaded even if the device is running out of storage.
  • Robust game booster feature in 9 Apps can increase the speed till 1 Mbps for downloading the game and user can download other applications.
  • All applications in 9 Apps are hand-picked by the experts to provide the best experience while using them.
  • Free Android Apps APK format is compatible with all the possible operating systems and can be used in different Android devices.

The announcement of the new Android version Nougat, made all the developers of the application, work and optimize it with the new operating system. They are also working on the 9 Apps for Android latest version and the new update will be regulated in the market. As per the news, there will be some changes and introduction to the new categories.

9 Apps is a one stop platform for the Android users with different requirements and needs. Its vast collection and all the applications which are hand-picked by the experts gives a whole new experience. This is the only application which has been recommended by many developers and experts to have on your smartphone. The interface makes the application attractive and will not be bored if you are using it for the 100th time in a day.