True caller


True caller app download, Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer

Truecaller is used by 250 million users all over the world. True caller is very easy to download as it is a community app also used for caller id or for blocking spam calls and SMS. It can filter out the unwanted calls or SMS and lets you connect with the people who matter the most in your life. Community-based application updated regularly, it is the only app which makes your community very efficient at identifying the callers and it is safe for using and blocking unknown numbers in the call history. There also provision for location, emojis, and status backup call history while going to the Google Drive.

The True caller makes it easy for getting the name for your contacts, Messages. Removing and  pre-installing the  app can default application the True caller application and caller id can be downloaded by the Play Store and 9app. There also major functions for calling, and also for the message after installing the process you can view the dismiss calls and the recent calls which are being grouped by the contacts. There is also an initiative for sending messages swiping and also accessing the unknown incoming calls. For using the True caller you need to set up an account with your name and then get all the information for signing in and for the presentation, you will need the phone number and the database user’s identity app for identifying the person in the call.

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However any messages which are not identified are sent to the spam folder and the True caller will get the service number and contacts which are included in your  contact list, true caller can recognize all the numbers that are made from your phone and also the incoming calls which are manually blocked, and also the online numbers which are search by name and unknown contacts identification. You can block the filter calls also the SMS and besides there they are also privacy for Google and Facebook. 9 app installing True caller makes it a considerable expanding your contact list and integrating the user’s database.