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Singham is about fight against corruption. The game is genuine popularity in India as the corruption are making Indian people worse so they need a Hero who can fight against corruption in Metro city like Mumbai where the underworld don has capture trade market business and film industries for their benefit purpose they Hatin peoples for paying money. Not only terrorist but the common people but also include in corruption in India. In this new era when the year 2018 and 2019 is a technology here where most of the countries are putting their steps to develop their economics on the other hand some of the corrupted people in India are cheating peoples and doing fraud activity so that they can earn money and put India to the backward direction. This is a game about Bajirao Singham police hero who take action against corruption in Mumbai. The games include action, crime and adventure while playing.

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So are you ready to play a Singham games to kill all the corrupted people hidden in Mumbai in India country. Let’s start you have to complete the level.
In Singham game you have to kill all the corrupted people who are making corruption in Mumbai City for that your team will be created by you and you will give him order for the assignment.
The game is about to make City clean from unauthorised person. The Singham Returns game is the advance version of singam Part 1.

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