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Android Marshmallow is available for new devices and emulator, Android is among the world’s most popular operating system. Marshmallow can be installed on any devices around the globe and this is very exciting which Google has brought out with the new branded ever version of Android Marshmallow 6.0, Android 6.0 has new ranges of improvement with new features updates for the modern Android handset which is for free with the ever new version of Android, you can have updates of handset manufacturer and operating system which are made available for the new test software which is very compatible.

There are many ways to install and download this Marshmallow android version which has made things available for updating with your handset manufacturers, it is one of the easiest and the safest way of getting any news on your device which will be officially updated. Marshmallow is the greatest and the latest theme on the internet, it is just around the corner if you have your older device and other phones which might be not as useful as Android 6.0,the Marshmallow has many features upgraded to Android devices some of the main features of Marshmallow are  significant when compared to Android lollipop.

There are many features and capabilities introduced for this device it is probably one of the longer and newest versions of Android and has horizontal scrolling and Scrolls vertically. The users can get this app downloading by Google are their applications are also implemented which are identical to lollipop. Instead of having dialer and camera shortcuts the Android Marshmallow has access to voice, which are more important than actually calling and there are some exclusive changes in the Marshmallow ,because it has some items which are very colorful and can be applied to your devices and implemented by Google Play Store. The Google has launched a better experience which can access right now, it mainly focuses on showcasing the Android version.

The battery life is most literal and by putting the phone in the first number during long.s without any usage keep the functionality as it is. To avoid any potential conflict Google has introduced the app get access to camera and camera app there are also facilities for do not disturb mode which automatically gets the notification of alarm and other apps.

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