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Android nougat is the 7th android version of 14th original operating system. It is a Smartphone release. Notable changes are made in the operating system and the platform development. Its ability include display multiple apps on screen and replies to notification, power saving mode and device functionality are seen on the screen for a time period. The updates are supported by device with positive reviews and notification incompatible multitasking interface and positive changes.
APP : Android Nougat
Developer: Google
Latest release: 7.1.2 \
release Date :December 5, 2017
Succeeded by: Android 8.0 “Oreo”
Download : 9apps store

The Android nougat is built on compatible Google Nexus and introduces the updates of a new version. The Nexus 6 and pixel C devices are updated and with Android Beta program. Android 7.0 nougat officially updates and release quarterly focusing on smart phones updating the exciting devices manufacturer and respective devices. The nogut has unforeseen platform limitations with the Google compatibility devices supported by Google. Many new and smaller features of Icon, replacing implemented in the Android devices. The application  can be seen on the screen of the Android devices, there is saving mechanism introduced in marshmallow and which expanded to activate with the device, it runs on the battery and screen actively participating with the maintenance Windows and network performance background. The functionality of android nougat implements the Java Platform and JAVA Community. Incorporating compilation system and optimizes apps for device, the login system also enables seamless automatic inflation of functionality which is similar to Chrome.

Android nogut is a device designated as effective device which has backup in case of any failures in the updating system and in the Offline mode it is available. Removing the requirements of reboot system recovery environment and also applied the devices for preventing and providing the ability for automatically rolling back in case of any failure. Requirement of the system in this existing device support seamless updates and the first version featuring emojis and tones. Android 7.1 nougat support implementation of keyboard shortcut menus, icon, virtual reality platform, advanced technology sustain performance mode, optimizing and integration of system notifications. This app is detected and implemented for preventing programs from becoming vulnerable. Supported by vidmate,one of the easiest and the simple ways of downloading and installing this app.

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