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Android Studio is an integrated development operating system and design for Android development; it is also available for downloading Windows and native Android application development. There are templates based android design and components creating and building Android apps, cloud platform, Google Cloud messaging and virtual devices. Android Studio also supports the programming languages of Java 7 and also has the features of Java 8 languages with different versions and the platform.

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux
Stable release: 3.1.4 2018 August
Preview release: 3.2 Beta 5 July 30
License: Freeware +Source code
Size: 854 MB compressed
Developed by: Google, JetBrains

Android  advance is an automated toolkit for processing and allowing flexible, configuration, it also comprises of sources and packages distributing android studio and advanced building toolkit. You have an automated building process and allowing the definable flexible custom of configuration reusing versions of the app and Android plug-in process helps in  the setting up of the independent Android studio,  it  also have the flexibility of building System which enables the custom for modifying apps and for file sources. Customized automated multiple building configurations and creating a custom configuration which is built in the different variant. This building process has different processes and tools for converting Android application packages android app module.

The compilers of Android studio tries to convert the Android devices and compile resources installing the versions of the app and Android studio automatically, configure the new project which in Turn  release the packages and signing the app in the Android studio. The building of packages configure two different stages of development and this development enables many options to release a different type of shrink and  the distribution of Android studio customize packaging for configuring building types.

The product flavor representing the app  are free and paid version, the resources while sharing and reusing the versions of optional creating manually the configure for the flavors and building up  a variant for  flavor configure to the versions of development and distribution. Additional product flavor also creates a variant in managing and building variance.

Download SDK tools from 9apps

It is one of the new ways of creating and developing an operating system for Android devices and this device is very useful in our day to day life. This application has the variant configure to be downloaded from the 9app. The 9app provide different variations in regard to Android devices and Android studio. In recent years it has gained much popularity amongst the common android users.

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