b612 beauty filter camera


B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 beauty and filter camera is a photogenic selfie camera app, the ultimate problems can be solved by this camera app solution and this is one of the best apps that you have been looking forward to for  so long. One of the best apps for taking selfies, the selfie camera is very useful for adding vibrant to your boring selfies and providing a wide range of filters, different stickers and the effect of your photo becomes very different. The shelfie which provides a wide range instantly can make your selfies look even brighter and colorful which are extremely photogenic. This app is a user-friendly interface having navigation of this app is makes you look more beautiful than ever with creating amazing features, accessing to the contact list and intrusive with the photos concerned. The selfie Candy camera can be used either with Face book or line account by signing up your email and processing.

If you are concerned about the privacy of the selfie camera it is said that it is very safe and secure and one of the best usages of this camera app is you get chance to take selfies with your camera changing the filter by swiping your fingers on the screen, and by filtering the changes while taking the selfie. You can also start recording any videos by pressing and holding the capture button of the selfiegenic camera B6 12. There are many options for beautifying your picture with different stickers and photo effects which are found extremely on the bottom left off the camera screen. There are also many options for taking selfies by applying the stickers and immediately sharing those features with your friends and families on social media networks. Apart from photo effects, the camera also has the adjust button for brightness levels and menu which can be accessed by clicking the button which is located on the corner of the screen.

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B 612 selfie camera is different from the regular cameras and there are also many features for using selfie and helping the photo effect and photos that are stored on your phone. It can give a different effect with nice designs and different layouts multiple options animation effects and many more. The 9app provides the best solution for downloading and installing this B6 12 selfie camera enhancing the photos and the beauties which a breathtaking, it enhances the qualities because of its inclusive nature make the person looks different.