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Block puzzle game is said to be a free video game which is very attractive and the craziest game ever on the internet. Is very interesting and it has many interesting objects which combine the play with the simple app. The game is also like the various shapes of other games and it is a lot like the Tetris, this game goal is to create lines of solid which are greener and it disappears if you can clear the entire board and also can win the level. Various block shapes in the game are of different sizes and shapes there are 7 block shapes in the game. The main goal of the game is to find the flat design that is 2D.

The new game also controls the easy and the background music which keeps playing while you play the game; it is a sense of joy while you play and listening to music all at once. This game also supports the software queens of resolution which are both high and low and the device is beat all the players all at once. you can select the partial is the full form of HD or SD options which are available for downloading and installing by the 9app. The 9app is the most reliable source of downloading the game which is integrated with the Google. Supporting the achievements and the leader board of the game can be played in various languages which include the Russian, Chinese also English. Controlling and shaping the game is very easy with the four direction button switch or Digital and you can speed down for left or right according to your reliability.

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Rotating the game in either direction of right or to the left you have to pause the game and also restart the game at any time when required. This game is very easy to play the installation and the downloading process is very easy for the 9app. The popular game among the new generation and most of the users download this game in the Android devices to be played at any free time. It has become a popular gaming and played by many of the users. One of the most interesting things about the game is while downloading you do not  have to register and it is free of cost.

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