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Chrome Browser app download from 9apps

Chrome browser is a freeware web browser developed by Google. This amazing free and popular browser was first released in 2008 and today over millions of people are using this due to its thunderstorm like speed and other very useful features. With the help of this browser users can search by voice and Seve up to 50% of data usage while browsing the web and Surfing the net. Downloading of files, web browsing and net surfing becomes much more easier with the introduction of Chrome browser.


Just take a look on the below noted features in order to understand its key points-

    By using the Google voice feature you can find answers of every question without typing on the go.
    Save the data up to 50% while browsing as it does not consume much of your data or Internet connection and thus it is an efficient Browsing software.
    Translate the web pages in any language and read the same with great ease and comfort.
    Faster browsing is enabled with the help of this superfast Browser and quickly access previously visited page.
    Incognito browsing feature is available so that users can browse without leaving any history on mark and maintain their privacy.

Chrome Browser app APK download-

If you need a browsing software that can fulfill all your browsing and surfing need then switch to Chrome Browser now and click on the header or footer options in order to download it from 9Apps through APK.


    Review Rating: (116145)
    Category: Communication
    Size: 44.1MB
    Update: 2016-12-13
    Version: 55.0.2883.91
    Requires: Android4.1 or later
    Offered: Google Inc.
    Website: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/mobile/
    Installs: 1,050,069,841 – 5,000,094,741

How to download:-

    First install 9apps >
    After that search Chrome Browser app >
    After that download 44.1MB APK.