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Citrus Wallet app is the best app to make online transactions such as send, receive and pay money with your smart phone. It is the best way to become Digital and cashless. It is a financial technology and mobile wallet that users can use for multi purposes like order food, book a movie ticket or flight etc. Today, over millions of people are using this most popular, simpler and secure money transfer wallet app. You can pay for any thing any time and any where even with out carrying the cash.

T op 5 best Features-

Just take a look on some of the major and most useful features of this free and amazing e wallet which is completely safe and secure and offers services exactly what you need-

  1. Load the wallet and view your transaction history any time.
  2. Send or request for money to your friends on their mobile number.
  3. The wallet app supports Visa, MasterCard and AMEN cards and net banking with almost every major bank.
  4. Users are allowed to withdraw the balance in their Citrus wallet into bank account.
  5. Cards number of users get stored into it so don’t need to enter it again and again but you CVV no never stored and every thing is kept private as we respect your privacy.

Citrus Wallet app APK download-

If you are looking for an e wallet to make your transactions then install this easy to operate and very useful app. To download it now just click on the header or footer options of our web site and install the wallet app for free through APK..

How to download:

Firstly install 9apps > after that search Citrus Wallet app >After then download this  APX 50.0MB app.

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