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Cute Munchies App download, Cute Munchies App Cute munchies is a new, unique and exciting puzzle game app offered to the users of Android device for free. In the game play the player is only required to swipe and find the best route to collect more and more foods on the level with proper care on the track so that it cannot be trapped or struck on a dead end. When you swipe on the screen to eat, much and chew the foods, New exciting world and levels will be unlocked automatically and you will get many surprises and twists to the puzzle to make it more fun, challenging and interesting.


Have a look on the main features of cute munchies-

  1. The game is very easy to play but very challenging to master.
  2. Terms of levels and puzzles are waiting for you to solve.
  3. Several characters are there and each character is endowed with delicious munchies and unique environment.
  4. You can also play the game online and will be rewarded if you are rivals cannot solve those levels that are solved by you.
  5. Great visual effects and graphics make the game more fun and exciting.
  6. If you’re stuck on a particular level and how to solve it then there are the hints that you can use.

Cute munchies app APK download-

This is a unique and very exciting game app that you will surely love. If you wants to install in your Android device then click on the header or footer options and it will be installed directly from 9Apps through APK.


  • Review Rating: (3)
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Size: 19.7MB
  • Update: 2016-12-26
  • Version: 2.4.1
  • Requires: Android4.0.3 or later
  • Offered: Niji Games
  • Website:
  • Installs: 505,012 – 1,321,450

How to download:-

  • First install 9apps >
  • After that search Cute Munchies App >
  • After that download 19.7MB APK.


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