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In 2016 there where so many movies realized and as we all know that bollywood movies have great collection of best movies, Some of best bollywood movies has got national awards and make their importance in out of country also, So here today I will give tell you about best movie realized in 2016.

Download bollywood movie free with 9apps

So, Dangal is the best gross movie in 2016,It has been like millions of people, Dangal not just gain the love from the public in India but also had proven its lesson in many different countries, It made its best collection in 2016. So let me tell you about all the basic things of this amazing movie. This is the movies of most famous actor and most famous khan of our bollywood, That is only and only Aamir khan, This is the movie of Aamir khan, who is playing the role of dad in this movie, It is the real life story of 2 world champion Indian lady wrestlers, who is Gita and Babita. Gita is the elder sister and this is the story of very small town girls and their father, How their father struggle for his child, This movie shows the pain and struggle of the small town girls, We can now see the gita and babita best lady wrestlers, But how hard work they had done to be on this post will make you shock, This is the real story of women power of the India, They are the first India lady wrestlers who defeated boys in wrestling, This movie will inspires you and give you lesson and inspiration to fight with your problems and make your dream true.

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