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Skype is an application developed for voice over internet protocol VIP for sending instant message and video conferencing in your desktop computer or mobile device.

Skype present you business freemium model by providing video calls video chat between two device like computer tablets mobile etc. Skype allows users to communicate and share their files text over the internet. Initially it work on have right peer to peer and client server Technology by creating supernode for and uses.

Features of Skype

  • To use Skype you must register yourself in Skype id which is totally free you have options to pay package If you are using for business purpose to communicate different people at different part of the country.
  • Skybus both registered member to communicate via voice chat or telephone calls if both are online.
  • You can also communicate to the person who is offline with the help of Skype if you are a premium member of Skype.

How to download Skype from 9apps?

To download Skype first of all you must specify that on which device you want to install Skype If you are using Android mobile or PC then for that you have to use different version for each device.

To download Skype in PC

You need to install 9Apps in your PC application after installing 9Apps open 9Apps and search Skype you will find an options to download Skype by choosing device category.

Go to device category and choose desktop to install and then click installation button at the right side of 9Apps it will start downloading in your computer.

Go to download folder when it’s completed and then click the APK file which you have recently download it will start installing in your PC after few second is ready to use.

Now open Skype and then go to the Eco setting insert your headphone in your PC and then check that your Skype is working correctly or not.


Download Skype for mobile

To download Skype in your mobile device first of all you need 9Apps APK online store in your mobile application as 9app is the only App Store where you can get all the application for free.

Now open 9Apps and then search skype for mobile you will find a list of searches related to Skype go to the android version mobile APK full Skype and then start downloading and installing in your Android mobile.

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