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Endless Run app download, Endless Run app Endless Run is a popular and addicted Temple Escape running game exclusively designs for those people who just love to play Temple Running games. The game is free to download for the users of Android device and today millions of people are registered with it. In the game play the player is required to fight against demons from hell and take the precious stolen by the Monsters. Initially, you have to play as farmer and then outrun challenging yellow brick road by sliding your way across the mysterious land.


As the name indicates, player is required to run endlessly but before going to play, just take a look on some of the key points all features of this Temple Escape game.

  1. The yellow brick road is full of poisonous blossom and you have to play as farmer who is running on it.
  2. While you are running, the environment also changes.
  3. High definition graphics ok this game is stunningly beautiful.
  4. Intuitive and sensitive touch controls helps you in running faster.
  5. Several obstacles create hurdles in your running and you are supposed to beat them in order to win.
  6. By performing better, you are entitled to earn coins which you can use to upgrade your skills.
  7. You can swipe your finger to left or right in order to avoid poisonous blossom.

Endless Run game app APK download-

Help the farmer to take his precious back by downloading this best running game in your Android device. To install it now, click on the header or footer options and get it in your phone directly from 9Apps through APK.


  • Review Rating: (951)
  • Category: Racing
  • Size: 25.3MB
  • Update: 2017-01-05
  • Version: 1.8
  • Requires: Android2.3 or later
  • Offered: MoboTech
  • Website:
  • Installs: 504 – 1,032

How to download:-

  • First install 9apps >
  • After that search Endless Run app >
  • After that download 25.3MB APK.


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