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fairway-solitaire-appFairway Solitaire, an ultimate solitaire game is here for you. This popular classic card game has lot of twists and turns. In the game play, the player is only required to draw a card down from the pile and play. There are also many attractions offered in the game such as stamp collections, daily events etc. Today the game has over one million of downloads as its challenging levels are enjoyed by the players to the great extent.

Top best 8 Features-

  1. Following are some of the main points that clearly bring out the features of this superb and ultimate game of solitaire-
  2. There are total three game modes offered- Main, Daily and Bonus.
  3. Over 650 courses are available.
  4. Shot meter helps you in knowing how many cards are required to play in a streak to get bonus.
  5. News hub of the app tells you about several events, tours, bonus courses, daily challenges etc.
  6. Many fun giving mini games are offered like McDinko, Wild Shot, Long drive contest etc.
  7. After completing a trophy challenge, users are entitled to earn trophies with rewards.
  8. You can play as long as you want as there are no lives to limit or restrict your game play.

Fairway Solitaire game app APK download-

If you like this game app then download it today for free through APK by clicking on the header or footer options of our web site and install it directly in your android to play endlessly..

How to download:

Firstly install 9apps > after that search Fairway Solitaire >After then download this  92.9MB app.

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