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9apps this app has gained a lot of transaction and popularity in the present generation. We also know that there are plenty of other apps stores available very easily but no one can beat the 9Apps.Because of the specially crafted Android app store which can easily fulfill the desired of any Android user who has been using Android phones for a long time.

The 9app is very small and tiny in size as it is only 4 Mb, the only thing that users find very convenient and easy to download and install any apps, this mini size application are providing the best trending and it also recommends the high Android apps and also the games. In case you are suffering your net with a very low speed, this 9app provides the high download speed and easy browsing speed.

Another most important feature of 9 apps is where it gets easily installed and it runs on any Android and window devices. The Android of V 23 is required to run the 9 app which runs very smoothly on this type of devices. As we all know that low-quality things are considered as free stuff but in case of 9Apps, it is, however, a completely different device which is free from any risk of installation or any kind of downloading apps.

Reasons for choosing 9app

It is well known that Android are the most popular system which is operating in Google Play Store and which are officially termed as App Store for Android platforms. We find there are millions of apps ready to download but there are also major issues while downloading this app because most of the apps are paid through Android we even find apps in Play store which requires a certain amount to download, therefore in 2018  9app  launched a new download and install paid premium apps for the benefit of users.

Category:app Browsing store
Updated: 2018
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 2.4 MB

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