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This app changer the sound of helium is rather making hilarious sounds which are funny recording and recorder of Chipmunk and hilarious sounds of videos and messages. Any audio or video if you want to have a fun with hilarious changer, there are many options for modifying your existing videos. For any existing videos, you only have to select the sound of your voice of robot, drunk, chipmunk and many others. You can also save it as a ringtone, and also save and download it in your Face book for your friend. But however, inhaling the real helium is very dangerous to health. It is one of the most popular apps you can record your voice from any Android device and give different effect of sound voice in your device. This app works in a very simple way as you only have to record your voice and press the record button, in order to start recording your voice you stop it and listen to the Helium effect played on your device.

App Download Version : 5.0.0
Last Updated : May
Apk Size :10M
Category : Entertainment App
Support Android: Version 3.0 and abovr
application : Record your voice
your records : List and listen
Share : records with friends/social media
voice Select : chipmunk, male, female, robot, drunk, nervous and tenn

This audio and video recorder can be kept in your gallery and it can be accessed from your device. Voice changer is an app which is good for laughter. Its usefulness in having a good crack between friends with different voice effects it will surely make you smile. Imitating sound after breathing, the various sound and hilarious effect is popular among the young generation and Love by many users, but somehow if it is used for in inapplicable ways it may harm someone. Official website providing free downloading sites you can install this from the 9app free of cost and all the users can obtain full access of exploring the different sites without any issues.

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