How to Install games in your laptop via 9apps

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Laptops contents operating system like Windows or LINUX operating system or iOS operating system so in this section we are going to tell you about operating system with Windows based in laptop.
In Windows based operating system you have two different ways to install games the first way is to use your Windows account and then go to the games icons and by the games but the problem is that almost all the games in Windows are paid so we will provide you the second way through which you can download games without any payment.

With the help of 9Apps game application to use this application you must install 9Apps in your laptop. After installing 9Apps open the 9Apps store and then go to games category you will find lots of option related to games you have options for kids game, adult games, hot games, car games, action game, bike game etc.
Choose your favourite category to download the games you will get two options here the first option is to registered on the games application and the second is download free if you want to download it free just click the free version and the applications will be started downloading in your laptop and if you want to get premium version you can registered yourself in the game applications and pay a nominal amount to download the games.

Now go to the download folder and then click the games icons to install in your laptop mobile. Follow the step by step process while installation process is going on and then finish to get games on your laptop but yours.

Why use 9Apps to download games?
Almost there are hundreds of App Store worldwide but 9Apps is among the best and free app store where you can get almost all the games application to get download free.

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