Indian Police At Your Call App

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One of the greatest achievement by Indian police by launching Indian police on call app it is based on GIS map interface for the citizen of India it will locate police station near to the current location so that anyone can be the police station without any problem in case of emergency you can have options to get cause for district control room or superdent of police etc this app contains map which includes details of name of place and road and major Landmark while going to police station.

Launch app indian government not only launch this app but they have also launch many government apps like password election Commission up e aadhaar app and various government service app so that Indian users are get familiar with new technology and aware about their rights.
After the launch of Indian police app most of the crime and if teasing or decrease due to Awareness of peoples about police station and their activity.

Why use this app in your mobile?
Indian police app is one of the best application ever launched by government of India and it is safe to you while you are travelling or going to some unknown place it will guide you the nearby locations of his son so that you can manage yourself while moving there in case of any danger you have options to call the nearby police so that they will help you.

Is this app useful for girls?
Yes indian government has announced special privilege for girls to get them a quick service in case of any issues they can use this app.

How to download this app?
This apps are available in almost all app store website like Google Play Store, windows store, comment website Store, 9App Store you can have options to download this application from any of the given stores online. We have provided you are download links about the applications so that you can get digital app store in your mobile for downloading this application.

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