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Potion punch is a free and popular time management game in which player is required to run and grow his own potion shop in the most colorful manner possible. You have to serve every customer as they all are crazy for potions. In the game play, you will have to act like a real boss and be the ultimate potion maker.


The free game has many exciting features, just take a look-
  1. There are total seven unique locations across the land where you can set up your shop. The locations are right from the cheery starluck village to the majestic Emberlion kingdom.
  2. In order to keep your customers happy, you can decorate your shop and even get better equipments and furniture in the shop.
  3. Hundreds of new upgrades enables the player to play more smoothly.
  4. You will have to deal with variety of customers that are of different races and come with different tastes.
  5. The endless array of potion created in the app.
  6. The color theory of the game makes it more exciting and playful.
  7. In the game, you are required to deal with some special VIP customers and personalities.

Potion Punch app APK download-

If you want to play this free and fun giving game then first of all, you will have to install it in your android phone. To download it now through APK, just click on the header or footer options of our web site..
Hurry up! Download and play potion punch and have fun!
How to download :
  • Firstly install 9apps >
  • after that search Potion Punch >
  • After then download this  APX 70.9MB app >
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  • Star rating = 5

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