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LINKEDIN – It is the professional app for the people who are searching for jobs and many thing more. This connects you from the world and you will meet here so many people. This app has been using by over 160 million peoples and having great popularity. This app will gives you information about the dream jobs which you wanted. Here you will get to meet so many people which has been connected to you with so many things. Whatever you are seeking for this app will give you the desire things you want always. This will ask you for the contacts, your profile and many thing more which will help you to get the perfect job. So download this most popular app for having the best job and download it from 9apps in very small size that will easily be fitted in your phone.

FACEBOOK – This is the most famous and I am sure that I don’t need to tell you any thing about this application as it is very much famous in today’s world. It has billions of users. The popularity of this app is getting bigger day by day. This app is one of the most famous and most leading app. This social media app connects you with your family, friends and so many other people who are far away from you. Here you will watch the things like you can see the photos and the contacts of the people who are there in your friend list. You will here get notifications of the recent updates of the contacts. So download facebook application and facebook messenger from 9apps.


These 2 apps are very famous social media applications and come in the first number on the list of social media apps. This app is very much famous and having best popularity. Download all of these apps from 9apps. This app is the library of the social media apps and many other apps which provides you all kind of app in very small size. Trust me 9apps is the best platform for all downloading stuffs.

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