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Temple Jungle Run app download, Temple Jungle Run app Temple Jungle run is an addictive and very popular Android game in which the player is required to do action in order to win. This free adventure and fantasy running game enables the player to enjoy adventurous Run through the Mysterious jungle. Today millions of people are using this game app in their Android mobile phone and enjoy the same. There are several thrilling fantasy levels in which you are required to pass all the hurdles on your path and find the way out of the temple from jungle. The path is full of suspense as well as unlimited action and you will have to play as a man running to adventure journey to explore the jungle.


Have a look on the noted below points to understand the main features of temple Jungle run

  1. Enjoy the infinite Run game which is easy, simple and super entertaining to play.
  2. Try and get your hands on this exciting and interesting levels and run the fun games.
  3. The magnets available in the game helps you in collecting more coins while you are running on your path.
  4. Player can swipe on your screen to move and jump.
  5. Unique and Facile gameplay helps you in playing it more effectively.
  6. The game comes with great graphics  detailed models, fun animations.

Temple Jungle run app APK download-

This is a fun and never ending game. If you like it and wants to download in your mobile phone then click on the header or footer option and download it directly from 9Apps through APK.


  • Review Rating: (100)
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 31.7MB
  • Update: 2017-01-11
  • Version: 1.0
  • Requires: Android2.3 or later
  • Offered: HighLogix
  • Website:
  • Installs: 104,035 – 504,000

How to download:-

  • First install 9apps >
  • After that search Temple Jungle Run app >
  • After that download 31.7MB APK.


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