Temple Run New Version Download From 9 Apps 2018

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9APPS for  the  latest game all types of game are   available in 9 apps .suppose we talk about the temple run game .temple run is the latest mobile game for all people. the  people who love to play game  in every time they must visit the 9 apps for the latest game because in 9 apps all types of game are available in the 9 apps .like cricket ,football ,bike race ,car race ,and lots of game are available  in the 9 apps .so people must visit the 9 apps to play the game and for download also .those people who want to download the games in any quality go to 9 apps there is 1000 +game for all types of device .


This app is so popular in useful that today it is regarded as one of the most downloaded app with more than millions of downloads around the world as it contains over 39 million articles in almost 300 different languages as per the need or requirement of the concerned users so they can easily access .


  1. 9apps is the search engine in which would you like to search different apps.
  2. In the 9 apps if u search anything than after the download by one click.
  3. 9apps available the all types of app like gaming app,movie app,etc
  4. This app is for every device like android ,desktop ,ipad , ios etc
  5. So now a days can be download and get permanently in mobile or desktop.
  6. New apps are available in lots of categories such as game, sports ,movie and many more.

Steps to install

  • first you have to connect your device to the internet.
  • now open the default browser which may be chrome, ie, uc browser etc.
  • now you have to search “download 9 apps” in search engine like google,  yahoo, bing.etc The result page will show the relevant link to download.
  • Now click on the link .than your site will open there you will get download option click on the links and download the 9 apps.



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