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UC mini is a browser. IT is an app which you can download from 9apps. If you are using 9apps, you should try uc browser mini to enjoy fast, simle and fun giving mobile browser. Uc browser mini gives you a great browsing experience in a small or tiny package. It is a lightweight browser.

The main features are:

Tiny Size:  It has the small package with great browsing experience.

Speed: This is the best and alternative app.Things will change as the difference can be experienced after the first use. The speed by which the applications can be downloaded which is marvellous.

 Navigation card: From navigation card we can search the local content like local information or local services and many information.

Incognito Browsing: It protects the privacy. In incognito browser you can search any private thing which you want to see or download and no one can see it. In history it can’t be saved.

Full Screen Mode: There are many browsers in the market that lack the full-screen mode. While playing videos in the browser, we do get some options which can’t get removed as they are provided by the source. With UC Mini browser, we can hide all the options and can play any video on full-screen mode. This is another interesting feature that comes with UC mini download.

NIGHT MODE: Another mode that you can enable is night mode, which allows you to strain your eyes less when reading something on the internet in the dark.


One great benefit of using UC mini is that it also has the UC News app. UCWeb has begun a successful project with the development and the improvement. UC browser and UC Mini browser are the most successful browsers which are downloaded and used by millions of active users around the world. UC Mini app is certainly an excellent browser that will occupy a minimum amount of space on your device and provide you wiyh a range of benefits.

Downloads Browser From 9Apps:

First you need to open 9Apps download

Now go to search bar of 9Apps type uc browser

Press enter the result will be shown on the website

Now click on the open result page of uc mini

Download uc mini now

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