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File Size 5.03 MB

Type Tools for download video

Version V. 3.1.1

Developer Vidmate

Website www.vidmate.mobi

Downloads 60,00,000 +

Year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


In this modern era everyone just loves to watch videos, watch live TV, watch online movies, TV shows ,etc. anywhere and everywhere. So, the need of an app that will readily provide them all these facilities together is understandable.

Vidmate the best video downloading app of the present day:-

To meet so many requirements at the same time an app namely the Vidmate was launched. This app is still not a very old one, it was launched very recently to meet the various video watching save requirements of a wider range of public. This app lets you download the you tube video at a rapid rate to your device be it your Android or iPhone smartphone, your Pcs or laptops, tablets or phablets. This app also lets you enjoy your downloaded video in whichever video or audio quality you wish it to see. It also gives you the freedom to download more than one video at the same time and for both these videos you would get the same downloading speed. The videos that you save gets stored into the SD Card memory of your device, thereby availing you with the facility to watch it wherever you want. I have a cousin who just loves to watch online video, one day I saw her watching a video online over Vidmate , when I asked her why she was watching that video over free apps and not any other video downloading app, then she replied that she made that choice because this app has a feature known as the "data saving app" which enables the viewer to watch their favourite video clips or even long hour movies without worrying much of the data loss. That is this app also gives the viewer an extremely reliable data backup, which makes them free for watching their favourite stuffs for long hours. One day, one of my friends, told me that using this app one can also watch live streaming, & TV serials anywhere and anytime as per his wish. Hence, I suggested it to all my family members and today every one of us are having this app to our devices individually. Our LED TV has very much become like a brand new model in our home without any use. All credit goes to Vidmate.

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