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Messenger is an app which is available for Android and smart phones free of cost ,the WhatsApp users use the internet connection for connecting to  WhatsApp it lets you send messages and  call friends and families and also receive voice messages and video calls. WhatsApp users should have the  internet connections or Wi-Fi you need not pay any amount for messages or any calls in WhatsApp, it is free of cost there are also no subscription fees to use the WhatsApp. WhatsApp has the facility of sending multimedia photos and documents to your family and your friends. You can also send messages to another country or can call up your friends in other countries using your internet connection or with  your cellular plan voice connections, there also facilities of using the group chat and contacts so that you can easily stay connected with your friends and your family  worldwide.

You can also receive message into your WhatsApp Messenger right from your computer browser       and there are no extra charges to send messages internationally or chat with your friends all over the country using any international charges, it is all free of cost whenever and whenever you speak to anyone. You need not have any username or any pin number to use the WhatsApp you can only use your phone number just like the SMS and start using it. The only process of using the Whatsapp messenger is you have to  downloaded this application into your device which takes just a few seconds and starts using it at once, get connected to the world within seconds.

WhatsApp Messenger is used by millions of people worldwide for communication, it is an instant messaging app and a platform which has unique information that the participants in messaging converse or actions to information and the messages which you sent are completely secured and safe. This app is secure and has a private service of messaging with the unique end to end encryption conversation making it completely private. It is an app which is tied to the phone number and using the data rather than SMS for sending any information any valuable data for the contacts, moreover if a person is blocked in this application the person is not able to get the indications of the last online. Moreover no one can see the profile photo or make any calls in that application. It is intended to time mobile number and set the confirmation SMS return activation process which also has limitations using the additional app.

9app is also very useful in this application to download at a very high speed and start using it.

Whatsapp messenger for android


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