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Share Music & Transfer Files – Xander is one of the best app for fulfilling all you need, you can share many files any time without or with mobile data usages, you can transfer files from the Bluetooth supporting your Android mobile, you need not have any USB connection or software installation to play any music and videos while transferring the file, you can share the files and the videos at a high speed of 40 MB in a few seconds. It is also easy to transfer documents, pictures, and videos without any internet or data usage you only have to use your device and it can be connected to your Bluetooth.

There are also facilities for deleting files and receiving whenever and wherever. Various applications can be introduced into your phone connecting through the xender, it is a file sharing app that makes it easy to transfer files and videos in a few second without any restriction you can also share important documents to clients and friends, send pictures to your friends and family by using the file manager. It is user-friendly you can have a better experience and explore many options of sliding in this app it is very useful in time for transferring your data when you have no internet connection, in this app You only need the Bluetooth, therefore, it is sure switching your data and allowing music, photos, games videos for downloading into your phone ,it is accessible across the globe and supports many Indian languages and regional languages it is a platform for file transfer and sharing apps.

Convenient tool and easy to use with your friends and your family, you can send large files without any limitations the main features of this app is transferring files to friends without any limitations and sharing photos music documents ,it is a Smartphone replication. You depend on your mobile device for messaging or taking pictures providing you have the right tool for the usage but with the 9app feature interface your browser and sending files and installing app has become easier with your devices. One of the best app containing reliable features and popular among the users.

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